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"Bringing the family cow back from extinction"
The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other milk.
Ogden Nash, 1930
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Milking Cow For Sale
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Family Trained Milking Cows Available for Sale

Our cows are loveable sweet Jerseys and Jersey crosses. Fully trained to be handmilked, haltered and lead. They can be tied to a post or locked in a stanchion (which we do), they know their names and come when they are called. We also train them on the Ultimate EZ Milker.

We require every one of our customers to come and visit and milk their cow. We have found that the cows tranfer into their new home better if they know you. We love our cows and we try our best to bring about a good match.

All of our Jersey dairy cows are trained from the time they are born. They lead, stand tied, and know their names. They are trained to handmilked and machine milked after they have their first calf, usually 2 years old.

All of our trained Jersey dairy milking cows start at 3500.00. We cannot guarantee pregnancy. Unpregnant and pregnant Jersey heifers are priced by their age.

All of our  Jersey dairy cows are very affectionate, friendly, and handled every day. They are good with kids, dogs, cats and chickens.

All of our  Jersey dairy cows are inoculated including Brucellosis. To sell a dairy cow across the State lines we must have health papers through a Vet. All costs are added to the customers invoice.

Currently For Sale

Sonny: 2 Yrs Old, Fully Trained
Milking 4 Gallons/Day

Buttercup: 2 Yrs Old, Fully Trained
Milking 3 Gallons/Day

Buttercup: 2 Yrs Old, Fully Trained
Milking 3 Gallons/Day

Swan: 1 Yr Old
Bred with Jersey BUll

Special: 16 Mnths Old
Bred with Jersey BUll

Our prices are carefully set based on the market and our costs. We believe it is very important to learn how to take care of a Jersey dairy cow. There is more to it than just handmilking.  Our goal is for you and your family and the Jersey dairy cow to be successful. Weather you buy from us or not, we are here for you. Teaching people how to take care of their family cow is so rewarding for us. We offer workshops on different levels to give training and guidance for people and their dairy cow. See our workshop page

Any questions please call us at 575-586-1176, we do not get on the computer very often, so please call.

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