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The cow is the foster mother of the human race. From the ancient Hindoo to this time the thoughts of men have turned to this kindly and beneficent creature as one of the chief forces of human life.
William Dempster Hoard, 1885
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Milking Cow For Sale
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Milking Cow For Sale
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We train Jersey dairy cows to be handmilked, come when called by name, to lead, stand tied, and allow their hooves to be trimmed. Our goal is to provide a new member of your family that is warm, affectionate, and loves to interact with people.

We TRAIN People
We train people to handle Jersey dairy cows, to care for, and handmilk their dairy cow (whether they buy from us or not). Our goal is to help people be successful with their handmilking family cow.
Check out our Workshops or call 575-586-1176.

We Sell TRAINED Cows
We sell trained Jersey dairy cows to families in the southwest who want their own milk cow. We raise our trained cows from our own heifers. Check out Milking Cows for Sale.

Available DVD's
Click "What's Available" and visit the Training section. We have DVD's available for purchase. More are in the planning stages. Watch calves being born and cows being milked by hand with narration on the details. Please come back often while we grow stuff on the Internet like we do at home.

Natural Products
Just think from one animal, a dairy cow, you get milk, butter, cream, yogurt, kefir, cheese, and meat. Not to mention the love from the animal itself. Natural milk products, right from the cow, is one of those very healthy foods to feed our body. Instead of using supplements, natural milk products feed the whole body system. Some day the local dairy truck, that delivered milk products to our door step, will be back in style.

In the meantime, many people have decided to get their own Jersey dairy cow. We have weaned and bred heifers for sale. Check out What's Available or Cows for Sales.

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